OBJECTIVE: Freelance or short-term employment designing websites, creating marketing collateral, and developing internet marketing campaigns. Full-time employment is a possibility if the work is creative, challenging and rewarding.

SKILLSET: Graphic Design, Web Design (both Visual & Informational), Creative Direction, Project Management, Digital Signage, Internet Marketing, Public Speaking, Illustration, Copywriting

MY DESIGN PERSONALITY: Some organizations require design soldiers – designers who turn out standardized work quickly and efficiently. Other organizations look for creativity and problem solving – skills that can help them grow, transform, and innovate. I fall into the latter category. I enjoy design challenges, I thrive on big projects with big rewards, and I'm known to help organizations discover new and innovative ways to market themselves. Though a focused job description is crucial, I also enjoy breaking the mold whenever possible to demo products, host webinars, and handle public speaking engagements.